Nepal Food Scientists and Technologists Association (NEFOSTA)


Nepal Food Scientists and Technologists Association (NEFOSTA) is solely autonomous, professional and non profit making organization of all Nepalese Food Scientists and Technologists formerly founded in 1984 in Dharan and later legally registered in 1986 (Regd. No. 224/047-48, CDO office, Kathmandu) with the central office in Kathmandu. Under this association there are more than 500 members and two Regional Chapters at Dharan and Hetauda. Likewise, NEFOSTA is under way to establish chapters in foreign countries.             Read More..

NEFOSTA's Appeal


पत्रु खान सम्बन्धमा

पत्रु नपत्रु भन्दा पनि हामीले खाने कुरा स्वस्छ र पोषिलो छ छैन भन्ने ध्यान दिन जरुरी छ | घरमा गंहूको पिठो, प्रसस्त सब्जी कम चिल्लो मिलाएर पकाएको म:म: सादा भात भन्…

Involvement as NEFOSTA Member

I have been a life member since more than a decade. I used to attend the AGM and other meetings managing my job schedule. My involvement as a member…