Downloads: Journal of Food Science and Technology Vol 11

Journal of Food Science and Technology Nepal (JFSTN): Past, Present and Future

Detection of Genistein in Soy Protein Isolate and Soymilk Powder by Spectrophotometric and Chromatographic Method

Preparation and Quality Evaluation of Flaxseed Incorporated Cereal (Oat) Bar

Identifying the Diversity of Dominant LABs from Fermented Dairy Products Dahi and Yoghurt in Eastern Region of Nepal

Study on Chemical and Bioactive Components of Different Floral Sources’ Honey in Nepal

Status of Sodium Nitrite in Meat and Meat Products Available in the Market of Kathmandu, Nepal

Hygienic Quality of Raw Cows’ Milk at Farm level in Dharan, Nepal

Study of Nutritional, Phytochemicals and Functional Properties of Mango Kernel Powder

Rheological and Sensory Attributes of Wheat, Quinoa and Buckwheat Composite Flour and their Use in Bakery Products

Cheese: Importance and Introduction to Basic Technologies

Application of Thermal Kinetic Models in Liquid Foods and Beverages with Reference to Ascorbic Acid, Anthocyanin and Furan – a Review