Downloads: Journal of Food Science and Technology Vol 12

Optimization of Crude Papaya (Carica papaya) Protease in Soft-Unripened Cheese Preparation

Microbial Quality of Choyla and Kachela

Comparative study on Post Harvest Losses in Potatoes in Diifferent Storage Conditions

Impact of Processing on Retention of Beta Carotene of Sweet Potatoes

Effect of Type of Sugar and Dough Relaxation Time on the Shape Characteristics of Biscuits

Assessment of Iodine status of the school going children of Suryodaya Municipilaty, Ilam

Production of Rice Based Alcoholic Beverages and Their Quality Evaluation

Purification and Characterization of a Noble Thermostable Alpha-amylase from Anoxybacillus tengchongensis RA1-2-1 Isolated from Geothermal Spring of N

Preparation and Quality Evaluation of Mango based Whey Beverage