Nepal Food Scientists and Technologists Association (NEFOSTA)

1. Preamble: Professor Dr. Bhesh Bhandari is an eminent food scientist working at the University of Queensland, Australia since more than two decades. He frequently visits to Nepal and delivers presentation in various workshops and seminars. As usual, on fourth January 2019, he delivered an inspiring presentation among NEFOSTA member and students on “Principle of Nano-bubbling Technology. During his presentation, he showed a strong desire to establish award for the young scientist working in the area of food science and technology. On the same good day, he offered an amount of NRs. 300,000/- to NEFOSTA for managing such award. This fund was deposited on non-expendable fund as seed money. Fourteenth Executive Committee of NEFOSTA wants to request to its interested members, professional organizations and donors for the valuable contribution for enriching this fund. 2. Purpose: The primary objective of this award is to motivate the researcher by offering this award to the scientist involved in the related field. This award is given in every 2 years for notable and outstanding research work relevant to Nepalese context carried out in the area of food science and technology. 3. Eligibility: i. Age Limit: Any citizen of Nepal living in Nepal, who is below the age of 40 years on December 31, of the year proceeding the year of award, shall be eligible for the award. For example, only those born on or after 1 January 1980 are eligible for consideration in the year 2020. ii. Education: The researchers should have academic qualifications mentioned for the respective categories. iii. Research Work: Publication in national and international journals. iv. Involvement and other contribution in related field: The researcher should be working in public or private institutions or universities or NGOs or INGOs or training institutes or local food entrepreneurs or food industries. v. Applicant MUST be a valid NEFOSTA member(not student member) and registered before 28 Feb 2021.